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Vol. 67, No. 2 (April, 2015)
Y.Mizuta; T.Ohno Sobolev's inequality for Riesz potentials in Lorentz spaces of variable exponent 433−452
C.H.Lam; C.S.Su Griess algebras generated by the Griess algebras of two 3A-algebras with a common axis 453−476
S.Matsumoto Nontrivial attractor-repellor maps of S2 and rotation numbers 477−501
M.Artebani; A.Sarti Symmetries of order four on K3 surfaces 503−533
Q.Xue; X.Peng; K.Yabuta On the theory of multilinear Littlewood-Paley g-function 535−559
N.Marola; W.P.Ziemer Aspects of area formulas by way of Luzin, Radó, and Reichelderfer of metric measure spaces 561−579
M.Agcayazi; A.Gogatishvili; K.Koca; R.Mustafayev A note on maximal commutators and commutators of maximal functions 581−593
O.Kędzierski; J.A.Wiśniewski Differentials of Cox rings: Jaczewski's theorem revisited 595−608
K.Aomoto; Y.Machida Double filtration of twisted logarithmic complex and Gauss-Manin connection 609−636
S.Neshveyev; M.Yamashita Twisting the q-deformations of compact semisimple Lie groups 637−662
C.Eyral; M.Oka Classification of the fundamental groups of join-type curves of degree seven 663−698
S.Choi; H.Park A new graph invariant arises in toric topology 699−720
S.Koike; L.Paunescu On the geometry of sets satisfying the sequence selection property 721−751
P.-M.Poloni A note on the stable equivalence problem 753−761
T.Shirai Ginibre-type point processes and their asymptotic behavior 763−787
Y.Zhou; M.Ziembowski Distributive modules and Armendariz modules 789−796
K.Klosin The Maass space for U(2,2) and the Bloch-Kato conjecture for the symmetric square motive of a modular form 797−860
M.C.Beltrametti; A.Lanteri; A.J.Sommese Adjunction and singular loci of hyperplane sections 861−875

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