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Vol. 67, No. 4 (October, 2015) JMSJ special issue on the centennial anniversary of the birth of Kiyosi Itô
Shinzo Watanabe Itô's theorems on chaos expansions and martingale representations VII−XIII
S.Albeverio; S.Mazzucchi Infinite dimensional oscillatory integrals as projective systems of functionals 1295−1316
J.-M.Bismut Hypoelliptic Laplacian and probability 1317−1357
E.Bolthausen; T.Chiyonobu; T.Funaki Scaling limits for weakly pinned Gaussian random fields under the presence of two possible candidates 1359−1412
O.Boukhadra; T.Kumagai; P.Mathieu Harnack inequalities and local central limit theorem for the polynomial lower tail random conductance model 1413−1448
B.K.Driver Holomorphic functions and the Itô chaos 1449−1484
A.Grigor'yan; J.Hu; K.-S.Lau Generalized capacity, Harnack inequality and heat kernels of Dirichlet forms on metric measure spaces 1485−1549
M.Hairer; É.Pardoux A Wong-Zakai theorem for stochastic PDEs 1551−1604
Y.Hu; J.Huang; D.Nualart; X.Sun Smoothness of the joint density for spatially homogeneous SPDEs 1605−1630
G.F.Lawler Minkowski content of the intersection of a Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE) curve with the real line 1631−1669
Y.LeJan Markov loops, free field and Eulerian networks 1671−1680
T.J.Lyons; D.Yang The theory of rough paths via one-forms and the extension of an argument of Schwartz to rough differential equations 1681−1703
R.Peled; Y.Peres; J.Pitman; R.Tanaka Random Dirichlet series arising from records 1705−1723
S.Peng; Y.Song G-expectation weighted Sobolev spaces, backward SDE and path dependent PDE 1725−1757
R.Philipowski; A.Thalmaier Heat equation in vector bundles with time-dependent metric 1759−1769
M.Rosenbaum; M.Yor Random scaling and sampling of Brownian motion 1771−1784
D.W.Stroock An exercise in Malliavin's calculus 1785−1799
A.-S.Sznitman Disconnection and level-set percolation for the Gaussian free field 1801−1843
S.R.S.Varadhan Entropy and its many avatars 1845−1857
K.Yano Functional limit theorems for processes pieced together from excursions 1859−1890

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