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Vol. 68, No. 4 (October, 2016)
H.Maruoka; A.Matsuo; H.Shimakura Classification of vertex operator algebras of class S4 with minimal conformal weight one 1369−1388
T.Suzuki; T.Tsuchiya First and second Hadamard variational formulae of the Green function for general domain perturbations 1389−1419
C.E.Parra; M.Saorín On hearts which are module categories 1421−1460
B.Berndtsson; L.Lempert A proof of the Ohsawa-Takegoshi theorem with sharp estimates 1461−1472
J.Petean; J.M.Ruiz Stable solutions of the Yamabe equation on non-compact manifolds 1473−1486
I.Sabadini; F.Sommen A Fourier-Borel transform for monogenic functionals 1487−1504
T.Cass; B.K.Driver; N.Lim; C.Litterer On the integration of weakly geometric rough paths 1505−1524
E.Ushikoshi Hadamard variational formula for the Green function of the Stokes equations under the general second order perturbation 1525−1557
H.Saito; Y.Shibata On decay properties of solutions to the Stokes equations with surface tension and gravity in the half space 1559−1614
Y.Hamana; H.Matsumoto Hitting times of Bessel processes, volume of the Wiener sausages and zeros of Macdonald functions 1615−1653
M.Furuta; S.Matsuo The perturbation of the Seiberg-Witten equations revisited 1655−1668
J.Zhao Identity families of multiple harmonic sums and multiple zeta star values 1669−1694
H.W.Cho Periodicity and the values of the real Buchstaber invariants 1695−1723
A.Ayzenberg Locally standard torus actions and h'-numbers of simplicial posets 1725−1745
G.Meigniez Realizing compactly generated pseudo-groups of dimension one 1747−1775
S.Hirose; Y.Kasahara A uniqueness of periodic maps on surfaces 1777−1787
F.Priziac Equivariant weight filtration for real algebraic varieties with action 1789−1818

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