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Vol. 69, No. 1 (January, 2017)
R.Garcia; R.Langevin; P.Walczak Darboux curves on surfaces I 1−24
T.Oliver Automorphicity and mean-periodicity 25−51
C.van Coevering Deformations of Killing spinors on Sasakian and 3-Sasakian manifolds 53−91
S.Kim; J.Lee More on 2-chains with 1-shell boundaries in rosy theories 93−109
H.Kondo; S.Taniguchi A construction of diffusion processes associated with sub-Laplacian on CR manifolds and its applications 111−125
P.J.Rabier Lp measure of growth snd higher order Hardy-Sobolev-Morrey inequalities on RN 127−151
Y.Lee; T.Nakamura; Ł.Pańkowski Joint Universality for Lerch zeta-functions 153−161
K.Fujita; K.Yasutake Classification of log del pezzo surfaces of index three 163−225
H.Nakayama Surface diffeomorphisms with connected but not path-connected minimal sets containing arcs 227−239
C.Eyral; M.Oka On the fundamental groups of non-generic R-join-type curves, II 241−262
K.Matsuzaki The Chabauty and the Thurston topologies on the hyperspace of closed subsets 263−292
N.Taniguchi; T.T.Phuong; N.T.Dung; T.N.An Sequentially Cohen-Macaulay Rees algebras 293−309
L.Hartmann; M.Spreafico The analytic torsion of the finite metric cone over a compact manifold 311−371
H.Koba On stability of Leray's stationary solutions of the Navier-Stokes system in exterior domains 373−396
S.Akiyama; J.Caalim Rotational beta expansion: Ergodicity and Soficness 397−415
K.Saji; M.Umehara; K.Yamada An index formula for a bundle homomorphism of the tangent bundle into a vector bundle of the same rank, and its applications 417−457

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