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Vol. 69, No. 4 (October, 2017)
M.Craizer; M.J.Saia; L.F.Sánchez Equiaffine Darboux frames for codimension 2 submanifolds contained in hypersurfaces 1331−1352
K.Nakanishi Global dynamics below excited solitons for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a potential 1353−1401
Y.Maekawa; J.Sauer Maximal regularity of the time-periodic Stokes operator on unbounded and bounded domains 1403−1429
J.Mehta; G.K.Viswanadham Analytic continuation of multiple Hurwitz zeta functions 1431−1442
H.Narita Jacquet-Langlands-Shimizu correspondence for theta lifts to GSp(2) and its inner forms I: An explicit functorial correspondence 1443−1474
H.Han; T.Nishimura Self-dual Wulff shapes and spherical convex bodies of constant width <O; /2 1475−1484
T.Marquis; K.-H.Neeb Positive energy representations of double extensions of Hilbert loop algebras 1485−1518
M.Koiso; B.Palmer; P.Piccione Stability and bifurcation for surfaces with constant mean curvature 1519−1554
S.Kuwahara Reducing subspaces of multiplication operators on weighted Hardy spaces over bidisk 1555−1563
O.Fujino On subadditivity of the logarithmic Kodaira dimension 1565−1581
Z.Cheng A transcendental function invariant of virtual knots 1583−1599
L.F.Di Cerbo The Toledo invariant and Seshadri constants of fake projective planes 1601−1610
H.Aoi; T.Yamanouchi Hecke pairs of ergodic discrete measured equivalence relations and the Schlichting completion 1611−1665
S.Fournais; L.Le Treust; N.Raymond; J. van Schaftingen Semiclassical Sobolev constants for the electro-magnetic Robin Laplacian 1667−1714
T.Aoki; N.Honda; S.Yamazaki Foundation of symbol theory for analytic pseudodifferential operators, I 1715−1801

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