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Vol. 71, No. 3 (July, 2019)
Y.Miura Superharmonic functions of Schrödinger operators and Hardy inequalities 689−708
G.Ishikawa; T.Yamashita Leibniz complexity of Nash functions on differentiations 709−726
V.Guedj; C.H.Lu; A.Zériahi Weak subsolutions to complex Monge-Ampère equations 727−738
S.Choi; H.Park Small covers over wedges of polygons 739−764
M.Hino; S.Kanazawa Asymptotic behavior of lifetime sums for random simplicial complex processes 765−804
D.Bourqui; J.Sebag Finite formal model of toric singularities 805−829
M.Sawa; Y.Uchida Discriminants of classical quasi-orthogonal polynomials with application to Diophantine equations 831−860
Y.Hashimoto Relative stability associated to quantised extremal Kähler metrics 861−880
Y.Miyazaki Lp regularity theorem for elliptic equations in less smooth domains 881−907
G.Hosono On sharper estimates of Ohsawa-Takegoshi L2-extension theorem 909−914
I.Bailleul; S.Riedel Rough flows 915−978
Y.Umeta General formal solutions for a unified family of PJ-hierarchies (J=I, II, IV, 34) 979−1003
K.Murakami On an upper bound of λ-invariants of Zp-extensions over an imaginary quadratic field 1005−1026

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