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Vol. 71, No. 4 (October, 2019)
T.Abe; T.Maeno; S.Murai; Y.Numata Solomon--Terao algebra of hyperplane arrangements 1027−1047
B.Zhu; X.Luo Optimal problem for mixed p-capacities 1049−1079
A.Mitsuishi; T.Yamaguchi Obtuse constants of Alexandrov spaces 1081−1103
R.Blair; M.Ozawa Height, trunk and representativity of knots 1105−1121
S.M.Corson; S.Shelah Deeply concatenable subgroups might never be free 1123−1136
N.Demni; P.Lazag The Hyperbolic-type point process 1137−1152
Y.Morita Proof of Kobayashi's rank conjecture on Clifford--Klein forms 1153−1171
Q.A.Guan A proof of Saitoh's conjecture for conjugate Hardy H2 kernels 1173−1179
I.Dolgachev; G.Martin Numerically trivial automorphisms of Enriques surfaces in characteristic 2 1181−1200
M.Ishikawa; T.-T.Nguyen; T.-S.Pham Bifurcation sets of real polynomial functions of two variables and Newton polygons 1201−1222
H.Morishita; R.Nikkuni Generalizations of the Conway-Gordon theorems and intrinsic knotting on complete graphs 1223−1241
T.D.Nguyen; N. Lam-Hoang; A.T.Nguyen Hardy and Rellich inequalities with exact missing terms on homogeneous groups 1243−1256
S.Brzostowski; T.Krasiński; J.Walewska Arnold's problem on monotonicity of the Newton number for surface singularities 1257−1268
S.Goto; S.Kumashiro; N.T.H.Loan Residually faithful modules and the Cohen-Macaulay type of idealizations 1269−1292
R.Farwig; V.Rosteck Maximal regularity of the Stokes system with Navier boundary condition in general unbounded domains 1293−1319
B.Mühlherr; R.M.Weiss Isotropic quadrangular algebras 1321−1380

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