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Vol. 72, No. 1 (January, 2020)
N.Yagita Chow rings of versal complete flag varieties 1−39
Y.Lee; H.Mishou Joint denseness of Hurwitz zeta functions with algebraic irrational parameters 41−59
G.Chen; J.Han; Y.Su Some modules over Lie algebras related to the Virasoro algebra 61−72
E.Kalfagianni The strong slope conjecture and torus knots 73−79
K.Sono Small gaps between the set of products of at most two primes 81−118
S.Jimbo; A.Rodríguez-Mulet Asymptotic behavior of eigenfrequencies of a thin elastic rod with non-uniform cross-section 119−154
K.-P.Ho Definability of singular integral operators on Morrey–Banach spaces 155−170
T.Nosaka Cocycles of nilpotent quotients of free groups 171−184
S.Matsumoto Dynamics of isolated left orders 185−211
K.Aomoto; Y.Machida Generalization of Schläfli formula to the volume of a spherically faced simplex 213−249
M.Dickson; A.Pitale; A.Saha; R.Schmidt Explicit refinements of Böcherer's conjecture for Siegel modular forms of squarefree level 251−301
J.Xue; T.-C.Yang; C.-F. Yu On superspecial abelian surfaces over finite fields II 303−331

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