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Vol. 72, No. 2 (April, 2020)
M.Ohta μ-type subgroups of J1(N) and application to cyclotomic fields 333−412
A.Itaba; D.A.Mejía; T.Yorioka Some infinitely generated non projective modules over path algebras and their extensions under Martin's Axiom 413−433
T.Kajigaya On Hamiltonian stable Lagrangian tori in complex hyperbolic spaces 435−463
D.Cavey; T.Prince Del Pezzo surfaces with a single 1/k(1,1) singularity 465−505
R.Arai; E.Nakai An extension of the characterization of CMO and its application to compact commutators on Morrey spaces 507−539
D.Kazukawa; R.Ozawa; N.Suzuki Stabilities of rough curvature dimension condition 541−567
D.Komori; K.Umeta Intuitive representation of local cohomology groups 569−597
M.-J.Bertin; O.Lecacheux Apéery-Fermi pencil of K3-surfaces and 2-isogenies 599−637
T.Shoji; Z.Zhou Diagram automorphisms and quantum groups 639−671

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