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Vol. 73, No. 1 (January, 2021)
J.Kamimoto Newton polyhedra and order of contact on real hypersurfaces 1−39
M.Bonatto; D.Stanovsky Commutator theory for racks and quandles 41−75
M.Reiter; D.N.Son On the Chern–Moser–Weyl tensor of real hypersurfaces 77−98
T.Mikami Regularity of Schrödinger's functional equation in the weak topology and moment measures 99−123
H.Narita Jacquet–Langlands–Shimizu correspondence for theta lifts to GSp(2) and its inner forms II: An explicit formula for Bessel periods and non-vanishing of theta lifts 125−159
Z.Shen; B.Shang; C.Qian Existence of sign-changing solutions for p(x)-Laplacian Kirchhoff type problem in \mathbb{R}N 161−183
T.Arakawa; H.Yamada; H.Yamauchi \mathbb{Z}k-code vertex operator algebras 185−209
M.Farnik; Z.Jelonek; M.A.S.Ruas Finite \mathcal{A}-determinacy of generic homogeneous map germs in \mathbb{C}3 211−220
M.Westaway Higher deformations of Lie algebra representations I 221−261
Y.Suzuki The approximation property and exactness of locally compact groups 263−275
B.Osińska-Ulrych; G.Skalski; S.Spodzieja Effective Łojasiewicz gradient inequality and finite determinacy of non-isolated Nash function singularities 277−299
S.Kondo Classification of Enriques surfaces covered by the supersingular K3 surface with Artin invariant 1 in characteristic 2 301−328

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