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Vol. 73, No. 3 (July, 2021)
L.Murata On a density property of residual order a (mod pq) 671−680
H.Carlsson Estimates of the renewal measure 681−701
H.C.Doan Functional calculus of Laplace transform type on non-doubling parabolic manifolds with ends 703−733
S.Sarkar; V.Uma Equivariant K-theory of toric orbifolds 735−752
A.T.Tran Left orderable surgeries for double twist knots 753−765
Y.Nishii; H.Sunagawa; H.Terashita Energy decay for small solutions to semilinear wave equations with weakly dissipative structure 767−779
K.Matsumoto; S.Saad Eddin An asymptotic formula for the 2k-th power mean value of |(L′/L)(1+ it0, χ)| 781−814
D.Leturcq Generalized Bott–Cattaneo–Rossi invariants of high-dimensional long knots 815−860
M.Bernardara Categorical dimension of birational transformations and filtrations of Cremona groups 861−883
T.Hattori Diophantine approximation in number fields and geometry of products of symmetric spaces 885−932
S.Nakamura Deformation for coupled Kähler–Einstein metrics 933−947
T.Suzuki Higher order minimal families of rational curves and Fano manifolds with nef Chern characters 949−964
N.Hamada; S.Ichiki Simpliciality of strongly convex problems 965−982
Y.Ohyama; M.Sakurai A virtual knot whose virtual unknotting number equals one and a sequence of n-writhes 983−994

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