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List of invited speakers to MSJ Annual Meetings

2021 Spring, Keio University, March 15--18
K. Aoyama(Chiba Univ.) Strongly quasinonexpansive mappings and strongly quasinonexpansive sequences of mappings
K. Fujie(Tohoku Univ.) Global solvability of some quasilinear chemotaxis systems
K. Mitani(Okayama Pref. Univ.) featured Geometrical constants of Banach spaces
2020 Autumn, Kumamoto University, September 22--25
G. Sadasue(Osaka Kyoiku Univ.) Martingale spaces and fractional integrals
K. Takasao(Kyoto Univ./Kyoto Univ.) On the existence of the weak solution for the mean curvature flow with forcing term via the phase field method
2020 Spring, Nihon University, March 16--19
K. Kobayasi(Waseda Univ.) featured A kinetic approach to stochastic partial differential equations
2019 Autumn, Kanazawa University, September 17--20
Y. Tsutsui(Shinshu Univ.) A sparse bound for an time integral operator with wave propagator
M. Nakamura(Yamagata Univ.) Partial differential equations in homogeneous and isotropic spaces
2019 Spring, Tokyo Institute of Technology, March 17--20
A. Miyachi(Tokyo Woman's Christian Univ.) Analysis Prize Estimates for multilinear pseudo-differential operators
T. Kawazoe(Keio Univ.) Singular integrals for Jacobi analysis
Y. Giga(Univ. of Tokyo)  On total variation ow type equations 
A. Honda(Kyushu Inst. of Tech.) featured Non-linear integrals with respect to non-additive monotone measures: game theory, big data analysis, machine learning and so on
2018 Autumn, Okayama University, September 24--27
J. Kawabe(Shinshu Univ.) A unified approach to convergence theorems of distribution-based nonlinear integrals
T. Suzuki (Kanagawa Univ.) Semilinear Schr\"odinger evolution equations with inverse-square potentials
2018 Spring, The University of Tokyo, March 18--21
R.Tanaka(Kyushu Univ.) Geometric techniques in Banach space theory: Challenges to Tingley's problem
S.Uchida(Waseda Univ.) Solvability of a system describing double-diffusive convection phenomena in some porous medium
N.Tanaka(Shizuoka Univ.) featured Semigroups of operators and mutational equations in metric spaces
2017 Autumn, Yamagata University, September 11--14
A.Nakamura(Tokai Univ.) Nonharmonic Fourier series and Riesz bases
Y.Tsuzuki(Hiroshima Shudo Univ.) Initial-boundary value problems for Vlasov-Poisson systems with angle error in magnetic field in a half space
2017 Spring, Tokyo Metropolitan University, March 24--27
K.Yanagi(Josai Univ.) Entropy in classical or quantum information theory
Y.Murase(Meijo Univ.) Analysis for brewing process of Japanese Sake and quasi-variational inequalities
Y.Mizuta (Hiroshima Univ.) featured Function spaces with variable exponents
2016 Autumn, Kansai University, September 15--18
A.Miyachi(Tokyo Woman's Christian Univ.) Hardy space estimates for multidimensional Hausdorff operators
H.Matsuzawa(Numazu Nat. Coll. of Tech.) Spreading speed and asymptotic pro le of the free boundary problems of nonlinear diffusion equations
2016 Spring, Tsukuba University, March 16--19
E.Sato(Yamagata Univ.) The operators related to Fourier multipliers on some function spaces
M.Sobajima(Tokyo Univ. of Sci.) On an Lp-theory for second-order elliptic operators with unbounded coefficients
2015 Autumn, Kyoto Sangyo University, September 13--16
K.Saito(Niigata Univ.) Recent development on geometric structure of Banach spaces
S.Ishida(Tokyo Univ. of Sci.) Mathematical analysis of chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes systems and related models
Y.Aiki(Japan Women's Univ.) featured On mathematical models for concrete carbonation
2015 Spring, Meiji University, March 21--24
Koichi Osaki (Kwansei Gakuin Univ.) Nonlinear analysis for a chemotaxis-growth system
Neal Bez (Saitama Univ.) Some inequalities from geometric and harmonic analysis via induction-on-scales
2014 Autumn, Hiroshima University, September 25-28
Kenichi Mitani (Okayama Pref. Univ.) On geometrical constants of Banach spaces exponent
Kentarou Yoshii (Tokyo Univ. of Sci.) On the hyperbolic type linear evolution equations
Yasuo Komori-Furuya (Tokai Univ.) featured Cauchy integral operator and related topics
2014 Spring, Gakushuin University, March 15--18
Mitsuo Izuki (Tokyo Denki Univ.) A real analytic study of various function spaces with variable exponent
Kota Kumazaki(Tomakomai Nat. Coll. of Tech.) A mathematical model for concrete carbonation phenomenon
2013 Autumn, Ehime University, September 24--27
Shinya Moritoh (Nara Women's Univ.) Microlocal Besov spaces and dominating mixed smoothness
Risei Kano (Kochi Univ.) The existence of solutions for the tumor invasion models
Yoshikazu Kobayashi (Chuo Univ.)featured Nonlinear evolution operators and ordinary differential equations in Banach spaces
2013 Spring, Kyoto University, March 20--23
Giorgio Metafune (Salento Univ. ) Spectral properties of second order operators with unbounded coefficients in R^d
Tsuyoshi YONEDA (Hokkaido University) Fourier analysis and rotating Navier-Stokes equations
2012 Autumn, Kyushu University, September 18--21
Jürgen Appell (Univ. Würzburg) Condensing operators and applications: old and new
Okihiro SAWADA (Gifu University) The ill-posedness theory of the Navier-Stokes equations in the critical spaces
Kenjiro YANAGI (Yamaguchi University)featured Progress of quantum information theory -- FRom classical information to quantum information--
2012 Spring, Tokyo Science University, March 26--29
Hiroshi Watanabe (Salesian Polytechnic) Well-posedness of initial boundary value problems for strongly degenerate parabolic equations
Hidemitsu Wadade (Waseda Univesity) On the Sobolev type inequalities for various critical function spaces
2011 Autumn, Shinshu University, September 26--29
Ryuichi Ashino (Osaka Kyoiku University) The analytic wavelet transform and its applications
Naoki Shioji (Yokohama National University) Multiplicity of solutions for elliptic problems and the topology of domains
Shin-ichi Nakagiri (Kobe University)featured Deformation formula for partial differential equations with nonlocal terms and its applications  
2011 Spring, Waseda University, March 20--21
Ryuichi Ashino (Osaka Kyoiku University) The analytic wavelet transform and its applications
Naoki Shioji (Yokohama National University) Multiplicity of solutions for elliptic problems and the topology of domains
2010 Autumn, Nagoya University, September 24--25
Shuici Sato (Kanazawa University) Some non-regular convolution operators
Takesi Fukao(Kyoto University of Education) Variational inequality for the Stokes equations with constraint
Masammi Okada (Tokyo Metropolitan University) featured Spline functions, Besov spaces and Approximate sampling by interpolant operators  
2010 Spring, Keio University, March 26--27
Yoshikazu Kobayashi (Chuo University) Semigroups of Lipschitz Operators and Applications to Partial Differential Equations
Masaharu Kobayashi (Tokyo University of Science) Modulation spaces and their applications
2009 Autumn, Osaka University, September 24--25
K. Gr\"ochenig (University of Vienna) Noncommutative approximation: inverse-closed subalgebras and off-diagonal decay of matrices
Fernando Cobos (Complutense Univ. Madrid) Compact operators and interpolation
Masahiro Kubo(Nagoya Institute of Technology) Singular perturbations for nonlinear evolution equations and variational inequalities
Yoshihiro Shibata (Waseda University) featured Spectral analysis and its application to nonlinear evolution equations 
2009 Spring, The University of Tokyo, March 26--27
Nobuyuki Kato (Shimane University) System of nonlinear size-structured population dynamics
Masato Kikuchi (Toyama University) Structures of Banach function spaces that are derived from the theory of martingales
2008 Autumn, Tokyo Institute of Technology, September 26--27
Dachun Yang (Beijing Normal University) Boundedness of Sublinear Operators on Hardy Spaces via Atoms
Tomomi Yokota (Tokyo University of Science) Toward $L^p$-theory for the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
Yuichi Kanjin (Kanazawa University) featured Transplantation theorems for orthogonal expansions and their applications 
2008 Spring, Kinki University, March 25--26
Shizuo Miyajima (Tokyo University of Science) Old and recent results concerning positivity: A personal review
Naohito Tomita (Osaka University) Pseudo-differential operators on modulation spaces
2007 Autumn, Tohoku University, September 21--22
Shigehiko Kuratsubo (Hirosaki University) On Gibbs, Pinsky Phenomenons and lattice points problem
Tomonari Suzuki (Kyushu Institute of Technology) Recent results on the fixed point of nonexpansive mappings and nonexpansive semigroups
Mitsuharu Otani(Waseda University) featured $L^\infty$-Energy Method -basic tools and usage-
2007 Spring, Saitama University, March 27--28
Sen-Yen Shaw (Lunghwa Univ. Sci. Tech., Taiwan) On growth orders and limits of Ces\`aro and Abel means of functions
Noriaki Yamazaki (Muroran Institute of Technology) Optimal control problems of nonlinear evolution equations and applications
2006 Autumn, Osaka City University, September 19, 21, 22
Francesco Altomare (University of Bari, Italy) Bernstein-Schnabl operators associated with continuous selections of Borel measures and their limiting Markov semigroups
Yasuhiro Fujita (Toyama University) Rates of convergence appearing in long-time asymptotics for Hamilton-Jacobi equations in $R^n$ and their related topics
Atsushi Tateoka (Akita University) featured Walsh Fourier Analysis -- Past, Present and ... --
2006 Spring, Chuo University, March 28--29
Yoshihiro Sawano (The University of Tokyo) Non-doubling measures and Morrey spaces
Akio Ito (Kinki University) Phase separation models of Penrose-Fife type
2005 Autumn, Okayama University, September 21--22
Eiichi Nakai (Osaka Kyoiku University) Fractional integrals and their generalizations
M. A. Efendiev (Universit\"at. Stuttgart, Germany) Infinite dimensional dissipative dynamical systems
Mikio Kato (Kyushu Institute of Technology) featured Geometry of Banach spaces and inequalities
2005 Spring, Nihon University, March 29--30
Emmanuel J. Cand\`es (California Inst. Tech., USA) Curvelets and wave equations: Theory and potential for scientific computing
Goro Akagi (Media Network Center) A subdifferential operator theory in reflexive Banach spaces and its applications to some degenerate parabolic equations
2004 Autumn, Hokkaido University, September 21--22
Takeshi Mandai (Osaka Electro-Communication University) Wavelet Analysis and System Identification
Shingo Takeuchi (Kogakuin University) Mathematical phenomena of degenerate diffusion equations
K\^oz\^o Yabuta (Kwansei Gakuin University) featured On Littlewood-Paley operators
2004 Spring, University of Tsukuba, March 30--31
Yasuo Komori (Tokai University) Singular integral operators on Hardy spaces
Atsushi Yagi (Osaka University)
2003 Autumn, Chiba University, September 26--27
Lech Maligranda (Lule\aa Univ. of Technology, Sweden) Type, cotype and convexity properties of quasi-Banach spaces
Naoki Tanaka (Okayama University) Wellposedness of the Cauchy problems for abstract quasi-linear evolution equations
Noboru Okazawa (Tokyo University of Science) featured Operator Theory in the complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation
2003 Spring, The University of Tokyo, March 23--24
Yuichi Kanjin (Kanazawa University) Orthogonal expansions and harmonic analysis
Luc Tartar (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) Beyond Partial Differential Equations
2002 Autumn, Shimane University, September 25--26
Ken Shirakawa (Tokyo Denki University) Asymptotic stability for two-dimensional phase field models generated by total variation interfacial energy
Amiran Gogatishvili (Math. Inst. Acad. Sci. Czech Republic) Discretization and anti-discretization of rearrangement-invariant norms
Akihiko Miyachi (Tokyo Woman's Christian University) featured Singular integrals and transplantation theorems
2002 Spring, Meiji University, March 30--31
Mitsuharu Otani (Waseda University) Subdifferential operators in reflexive Banach spaces
Hitoshi Tanaka (Gakushuin University) The Kakeya conjecture
2001 Autumn, Kyushu University, October 3--4
Katusi Fukuyama (Kobe University) On almost sure invariance principles for lacunary trigonometric series
Hiroaki Aikawa (Shimane University)
2001 Spring, Keio University, March 28--29
Yasuhiro Goto (National Defense Academy in Japan)
Minoru Matsuda (Shizuoka University)
Hitoshi Arai (The University of Tokyo) featured
2000 Autumn, Kyoto University, September 24--25
Toshitaka Matsumoto (Hiroshima University) Nonlinear evolution operators and semilinear evolution equations
Takahiro Mizuhara (Yamagata University) Boundedness of some classical operators on Morrey Spaces
Hiroshi Sato (Kyushu University) featured Convergences of infinite product and infinite sum. (Absolute continuity of random translation of an infinite product measure)
2000 Spring, Waseda University, March 29--30
Yoshitaka Yamamoto (Osaka University)
Akihiko Inoue (Hokkaido University) Ratio Mercerian and Tauberian theorems
Nobuyuki Kenmochi (Chiba University)featured Development of nonlinear evolution equations for phase transitions
1999 Autumn, Hiroshima University, September 27--28
Takayuki Kobayashi (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Enji Sato (Yamagata University) Spaces of Fourier multipliers on compact abelian groups
1999 Spring, Gakushuin University, March 27--28
Noboru Okazawa (Tokyo University of Science) Fractional Powers and Logarithms of Closed Linear Operators
Sin-Ei Takahasi (Yamagata University) On Korovkin type approximation theorem
1998 Autumn, Osaka University, September 30
Hans Triebel (University of Jena, Germany) The analysis of fractal drums
Takanori Yamamoto (Hokkai-Gakuen University) featured Norms of some singular integral operators with Cauchy kernels and bounded measurable coefficients
1998 Spring, Meijo University, March 28--29
Toyohiko Aiki (Gifu University) Time-dependent evolution equation and control problem
Kazuya Tachizawa (Tohoku University)
1997 Autumn, The University of Tokyo, September 30--October 1
Junji Inoue (Hokkaido University) Some Banach function algebras related to Gelfand transform
Manfred Denker (University of G\"otingen) Geometric measure theory in dynamical system
1997 Spring, Shinshu University, April 4.4
Nobuyuki Kenmochi (Chiba University) Phase transition models and subdifferential operators
Shinnosuke Oharu (Hiroshima University)
1996 Autumn, Tokyo Metropolitan University, September 16--17
Heyer Herbert (University of Tubingen) Hypergroups in nalysis:Applications to inversion problems and uncertainty relations
Shuichi Sato (Kanazawa University) Weighted weak type estimates for some rough operators
Hitoshi Arai (Tohoku University) featured
1996 Spring, Niigata University, April 3--4
Der-Chen Chang (University of Maryland) Hardy spaces and elliptic boundary value problems for smooth domains in ${\mathbb R}^{n}$
Hiro-o Kita (Oita University) Orlicz spaces in real analysis
1995 Autumn, Tohoku University, September 27--28
Atsushi Tateoka (Akita University)
Hiroki Suyaki (Tokyo University of Science)
1995 Spring, Ritsumeikan University, March 29--30
Yoshihiro Shibata (University of Tsukuba)
Shunji Ito (Tsuda College)
1994 Autumn, Tokyo Institute of Technology, September 29--30
Kazunaga Tanaka (Nagoya University) Periodic solutions of singular Hamiltonian systems
Silei Wang (Hangzhou University) Some new resukts on BMO functions
Kazuya Tachizawa (Tohoku University)
Takeshi Kawazoe (Keio University)
1994 Spring, Kobe University, April 2--3
Masakazu Tamashiro (Kyusyu University) Multiplicative chaos and dimension of a measure
Akira Morimoto (Osaka Kyoiku University)
1993 Autumn, Osaka Prefecture University, September 30
Shanzhen Lu (Beijing Normal University) Sublinear operators and power weights
Norio K\^ono (Kyoto University)
1993 Spring, Chuo University, March 29
Osamu Hatori (Tokyo Medical University)
1992 Autumn, Nagoya University, October 4
Hitoshi Arai (Tohoku University)
1992 Spring, Fukuoka University, April 3
Hiroshi Sato (Kyusyu University)
1991 Autumn, Hokkaido University, October 2
Kazuo Kobayasi (Shonan Institute of Technology)
Ulrich Krengel (University of G\"ottingen) Nonlinear ergodic theory and generalized measure preserving transform
1991 Spring, Keio University, April 3
Yuichi Kanjin (Kanazawa University) Transplantation theorems and L^p multipliers in orthogonal polynomial expansions
1990 Autumn, Saitama University, September 28
Naoto Komuro (Hokkaido University of Education)
1990 Spring, Okayama University of Science, March 31
Hitoshi Arai (Tohoku University)
1989 Autumn, Sophia University, September 27
Nobuhiro Sanekata (Okayama University)
1989 Spring, Nihon University, April 4
Masayoshi Hata (Kyoto University)
Takahiko Nakazi (Hokkaido University)
1988 Autumn, Kanazawa University, October 6
Akihiko Miyachi (Hitotsubashi University) $H^{p}$ spaces on an arbitrary open subset of ${\mathbb R}^{n}$
1988 Spring, Rikkyo University, April 2
Masami Okada (Tohoku University) The heat kernel on graph networks and spectral analysis/geometry
M\'ela, Jean-Francois (University Paris-Nord) Spectral theory of dynamical systems and harmonic analysis of measure
1987 Autumn, Kyoto University, Ocotober 2
Norihiko Kazamaki (University of Toyama) On some probabilistic aspects of BMO
Shuichi Sato (Tohoku University)
1987 Spring, The University of Tokyo, April 3
Kaoru Yoneda (Osaka Prefecture University) Walsh Fourier analysis --another Fourier analysis--
1986 Autumn, Chiba University, September 30
Konrad Jacobs(Erlangen University) History of ergodic thory
Shiro Ishikawa(Keio University)
1986 Spring, Kyoto University, April 5
Yuji Takahashi (Hokkaido University)
1980 Spring, Shinshu University,
Akihiko Miyachi (University of Tokyo) On Fourier multipliers for $H^{p}({\mathbb R}^{n})$

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