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Articles in Press

Papers below that will be published according to the received dates of their accepted version (day/month/yr), are listed in alphabetical order by first named author. The PDF files below do not reflect the final published format.

  • Rotational beta expansion: Ergodicity and Soficness
    S.Akiyama; J.Caalim 08/05/2015 View PDF
  • Hecke pairs of ergodic discrete measured equivalence relations and the Schlichting completion
    H.Aoi; T.Yamanouchi 04/03/2016 View PDF
  • Value distribution of leafwise holomorphic maps on complex laminations by hyperbolic Riemann surfaces
    A.Atsuji 05/06/2015 View PDF
  • On usual, virtual and welded knotted objects up to homotopy
    B.Audoux; P.Bellingeri; J.-B.Meilhan; E.Wagner 23/09/2015 View PDF
  • Locally standard torus actions and h'-numbers of simplicial posets
    A.Ayzenberg 27/02/2015 View PDF
  • On sharp bilinear Strichartz estimates on Ozawa-Tsutsumi type
    J.Bennett; N.Bez; C.Jeavons; N.Pattakos 04/06/2015 View PDF
  • A proof of the Ohsawa-Takegoshi theorem with sharp estimates
    B.Berndtsson; L.Lempert 12/02/2015 View PDF
  • Analyticity of the Stokes semigroup in BMO-type spaces
    M.Bolkart; Y.Giga; T.Suzuki 27/04/2016 View PDF
  • On products in a real moment-angle manifold
    L.Cai 12/06/2015 View PDF
  • On the integration of weakly geometric rough paths
    T.Cass; B.K.Driver; N.Lim; C.Litterer 13/02/2015 View PDF
  • A transcendental function invariant of virtual knots
    Z.Cheng 18/02/2016 View PDF
  • Absolutely k-convex domains and holomorphic foliations on homogeneous manifolds
    M.Corrêa Jr.; A.Fernández-Pérez 20/10/2015 View PDF
  • Equiaffine Darboux frames for codimension 2 submanifolds contained in hypersurfaces
    M.Craizer; M.J.Saia; L.F.Sánchez 27/10/2015 View PDF
  • A class of minimal submanifolds in spheres
    M.Dajczer; Th.Vlachos 17/10/2015 View PDF
  • Lifting puzzles and congruences of Ikeda and Ikeda-Miyawaki lifts
    N.Dummigan 13/08/2015 View PDF
  • On the fundamental groups of non-generic R-join-type curves, II
    C.Eyral; M.Oka 20/04/2015 View PDF
  • On subadditivity of the logarithmic Kodaira dimension
    O.Fujino 06/02/2016 View PDF
  • Classification of log del pezzo surfaces of index three
    K.Fujita; K.Yasutake 15/04/2015 View PDF
  • Contact of a regular surface in Euclidean 3-space with cylinders and cubic binary differential equations
    T.Fukui; M.Hasegawa; K.Nakagawa 19/08/2015 View PDF
  • The perturbation of the Seiberg-Witten equations revisited
    M.Furuta; S.Matsuo 18/02/2015 View PDF
  • Darboux curves on surfaces I
    R.Garcia; R.Langevin; P.Walczak 20/03/2015 View PDF
  • Magidor cardinals
    S.Garti; Y.Hayut 24/03/2016 View PDF
  • Multilinear Fourier multipliers with minimal Sobolev regularity, II
    L.Grafakos; A.Miyachi; H.-V.Nguyen; N.Tomita 12/06/2015 View PDF
  • Hitting times of Bessel processes, volume of the Wiener sausages and zeros of Macdonald functions
    Y.Hamana; H.Matsumoto 16/02/2015 View PDF
  • Self-dual Wulff shapes and spherical convex bodies of constant width <O; /2
    H.Han; T.Nishimura 09/01/2016 View PDF
  • Poset pinball, GKM-compatible subspaces, and Hessenberg varieties
    M.Harada; J.Tymoczko 08/09/2015 View PDF
  • The analytic torsion of the finite metric cone over a compact manifold
    L.Hartmann; M.Spreafico 30/04/2015 View PDF
  • Hypergroup structures arising from certain dual objects of a hypergroup
    H.Heyer; S.Kawakami 09/10/2015 View PDF
  • Degenerations and fibrations of Riemann surfaces associated with regular polyhedra and soccer ball
    R.Hirakawa; S.Takamura 20/10/2015 View PDF
  • A uniqueness of periodic maps on surfaces
    S.Hirose; Y.Kasahara 05/03/2015 View PDF
  • Laplace hyperfunctions in several variables
    N.Honda; K. Umeta 14/04/2016 View PDF
  • Dimension formulas of paramodular forms of squarefree level and comparison with inner twist
    T.Ibukiyama; H.Kitayama 17/06/2015 View PDF
  • More on 2-chains with 1-shell boundaries in rosy theories
    S.Kim; J.Lee 27/03/2015 View PDF
  • On stability of Leray's stationary solutions of the Navier-Stokes system in exterior domains
    H.Koba 30/04/2015 View PDF
  • Shifted products of Fourier coefficients of Siegel cusp forms of degree two
    W.Kohnen; J.Sengupta 23/09/2015 View PDF
  • Stability and bifurcation for surfaces with constant mean curvature
    M.Koiso; B.Palmer; P.Piccione 29/01/2016 View PDF
  • A construction of diffusion processes associated with sub-Laplacian on CR manifolds and its applications
    H.Kondo; S.Taniguchi 28/03/2015 View PDF
  • Reducing subspaces of multiplication operators on weighted Hardy spaces over bidisk
    S.Kuwahara 01/02/2016 View PDF
  • Joint Universality for Lerch zeta-functions
    Y.Lee; T.Nakamura; Ł.Pańkowski 08/04/2015 View PDF
  • Fermionic formula for double Kostka polynomials
    S.Liu 18/05/2016 View PDF
  • A note on bounded-cohomological dimension of discrete groups
    C.Löh 27/06/2015 View PDF
  • Maximal regularity of the time-periodic Stokes operator on unbounded and bounded domains
    Y.Maekawa; J.Sauer 19/12/2015 View PDF
  • Positive energy representations of double extensions of Hilbert loop algebras
    T.Marquis; K.-H.Neeb 28/01/2016 View PDF
  • Classification of vertex operator algebras of class S4 with minimal conformal weight one
    H.Maruoka; A.Matsuo; H.Shimakura 30/01/2015 View PDF
  • An example of Schwarz map of reducible Appell's hypergeometric equation E2 in two variables
    K.Matsumoto; T.Sasaki; T.Terasoma; M.Yoshida 15/06/2015 View PDF
  • The Chabauty and the Thurston topologies on the hyperspace of closed subsets
    K.Matsuzaki 21/04/2015 View PDF
  • Analytic continuation of multiple Hurwitz zeta functions
    J.Mehta; G.K.Viswanadham 31/12/2015 View PDF
  • Realizing compactly generated pseudo-groups of dimension one
    G.Meigniez 03/03/2015 View PDF
  • Geometry of the Gromov product: Geometry at infinity of Teichmüller space
    H.Miyachi 16/09/2015 View PDF
  • Global dynamics below excited solitons for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a potential
    K.Nakanishi 16/11/2015 View PDF
  • Basic relative invariants of homogeneous cones and their Laplace transforms
    H.Nakashima 19/05/2016 View PDF
  • Surface diffeomorphisms with connected but not path-connected minimal sets containing arcs
    H.Nakayama 17/04/2015 View PDF
  • A Hardy inequality and applications to reverse Hölder inequalities for weights on R
    E.N.Nikolidakis 14/04/2016 View PDF
  • Automorphicity and mean-periodicity
    T.Oliver 21/03/2015 View PDF
  • On hearts which are module categories
    C.E.Parra; M.Saorín 10/02/2015 View PDF
  • Stable solutions of the Yamabe equation on non-compact manifolds
    J.Petean; J.M.Ruiz 12/02/2015 View PDF
  • The category of reduced orbifolds in local charts
    A.D.Pohl 12/08/2015 View PDF
  • Equivariant weight filtration for real algebraic varieties with action
    F.Priziac 11/03/2015 View PDF
  • Lp measure of growth snd higher order Hardy-Sobolev-Morrey inequalities on RN
    P.J.Rabier 08/04/2015 View PDF
  • A Fourier-Borel transform for monogenic functionals
    I.Sabadini; F.Sommen 13/02/2015 View PDF
  • On decay properties of solutions to the Stokes equations with surface tension and gravity in the half space
    H.Saito; Y.Shibata 14/02/2015 View PDF
  • An index formula for a bundle homomorphism of the tangent bundle into a vector bundle of the same rank, and its applications
    K.Saji; M.Umehara; K.Yamada 10/05/2015 View PDF
  • Cartan matrices and Brauer's k(B)-conjecture IV
    B.Sambale 15/07/2015 View PDF
  • On two-weight norm estimates for multilinear fractional maximal function
    B.F.Sehba 06/04/2016 View PDF
  • Structure and equivalence of a class of tube domains with solvable groups of automorphisms
    S.Shimizu 06/10/2015 View PDF
  • First and second Hadamard variational formulae of the Green function for general domain perturbations
    T.Suzuki; T.Tsuchiya 04/02/2015 View PDF
  • Analytic semigroups for the subelliptic oblique derivative problem
    K.Taira 23/10/2015 View PDF
  • Integral transformation of Heun's equation and some applications
    K.Takemura 25/08/2015 View PDF
  • Sequentially Cohen-Macaulay Rees algebras
    N.Taniguchi; T.T.Phuong; N.T.Dung; T.N.An 26/04/2015 View PDF
  • Modules over quantized coordinate algebras and PBW-bases
    T.Tanisaki 27/09/2015 View PDF
  • Hadamard variational formula for the Green function of the Stokes equations under the general second order perturbation
    E.Ushikoshi 13/02/2015 View PDF
  • Deformations of Killing spinors on Sasakian and 3-Sasakian manifolds
    C.van Coevering 26/03/2015 View PDF
  • Doubly transitive groups and cyclic quandles
    L.Vendramin 17/09/2015 View PDF
  • Periodicity and the values of the real Buchstaber invariants
    H.W.Cho 27/02/2015 View PDF
  • Asymptotic expansion of resolvent kernels and behavior of spectral functions for symmetric stable processes
    M.Wada 22/06/2015 View PDF
  • Some consequences from proper forcing axiom together with large continuum and the negation of Martin's axiom
    T.Yorioka 03/09/2015 View PDF
  • Identity families of multiple harmonic sums and multiple zeta star values
    J.Zhao 27/02/2015 View PDF

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