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Articles in Press

Papers below that will be published according to the received dates of their accepted version (day/month/yr), are listed in alphabetical order by first named author. The PDF files below do not reflect the final published format.

  • An extension of the characterization of CMO and its application to compact commutators on Morrey spaces
  • R.Arai; E.Nakai 10/14/2018 View PDF
  • Milnor--Hamm sphere fibrations and the equivalence problem
  • R.N.Araújo dos Santos; M.F.Ribeiro; M.Tibăr 3/4/2019 View PDF
  • On Fatou and Julia sets of foliations
  • T.Asuke 9/25/2018 View PDF
  • Dimensions of multi-fan duality algebras
  • A.Ayzenberg 11/16/2018 View PDF
  • Representation type of surfaces in \mathbb{P}3
  • E.Ballico; S.Huh 8/28/2018 View PDF
  • Unitary t-groups
  • E.Bannai; G.Navarro; N.Rizo; P.H.Tiep 2/27/2019 View PDF
  • Apéery-Fermi pencil of K3-surfaces and 2-isogenies
  • M.-J.Bertin; O.Lecacheux 10/17/2018 View PDF
  • Del Pezzo surfaces with a single 1/k(1,1) singularity
  • D.Cavey; T.Prince 11/28/2017 View PDF
  • Two-weighted estimates for positive operators and Doob maximal operators on filtered measure spaces
  • W.Chen; C.Zhu; Y.Zuo; Y.Jiao 3/6/2018 View PDF
  • BHK mirror symmetry for K3 surfaces with non-symplectic automorphism
  • P.Comparin; N.Priddis 2/14/2018 View PDF
  • Finite \mathcal{A}-determinacy of generic homogeneous map germs in \mathbb{C}3
  • M.Farnik; Z.Jelonek; M.A.S.Ruas 8/28/2019 View PDF
  • Corrigendum: On subadditivity of the logarithmic Kodaira dimension
  • O.Fujino 5/7/2019 View PDF
  • Residue formula for an obstruction to coupled Kähler--Einstein metrics
  • A.Futaki; Y.Zhang 10/20/2019 View PDF
  • Combinatorics of double loop suspensions, evaluation maps and Cohen groups
  • R.Huang; J.Wu 11/15/2018 View PDF
  • Principal polarizations of supersingular abelian surfaces
  • T.Ibukiyama 5/2/2019 View PDF
  • Whitehead products in moment-angle complexes
  • K.Iriye; D.Kishimoto 5/20/2019 View PDF
  • Some infinitely generated non projective modules over path algebras and their extensions under Martin's Axiom
  • A.Itaba; D.A.Mejía; T.Yorioka 2/13/2018 View PDF
  • Classifying τ-tilting modules over the Auslander algebra of K[x]/(xn)
  • O.Iyama; X.Zhang 5/4/2016 View PDF
  • On Hamiltonian stable Lagrangian tori in complex hyperbolic spaces
  • T.Kajigaya 8/23/2018 View PDF
  • Newton polyhedra and order of contact on real hypersurfaces
  • J.Kamimoto 7/8/2018 View PDF
  • Finite-to-one zero-dimensional covers of dynamical systems
  • H.Kato; M.Matsumoto 2/5/2019 View PDF
  • Stabilities of rough curvature dimension condition
  • D.Kazukawa; R.Ozawa; N.Suzuki 10/14/2018 View PDF
  • Intuitive representation of local cohomology groups
  • D.Komori; K.Umeta 10/15/2018 View PDF
  • Widths of highly excited resonances in multidimensional molecular predissociation
  • A.Martinez; V.Sordoni 10/25/2018 View PDF
  • Construction of spectra of triangulated categories and applications to commutative rings
  • H.Matsui; R.Takahashi 6/19/2019 View PDF
  • Regularity of Schrödinger's functional equation in the weak topology and moment measures
  • T.Mikami 1/3/2019 View PDF
  • Fiber cones and analytic spreads of the canonical and anticanonical ideals and limit Frobenius complexity of Hibi rings
  • M.Miyazaki 10/4/2018 View PDF
  • Generalized virtualization on welded links
  • H.A.Miyazawa; K.Wada; A.Yasuhara 3/1/2019 View PDF
  • A Fox-Milnor theorem for the Alexander polynomial of knotted 2-spheres in S4
  • D.Moussard; E.Wagner 2/27/2019 View PDF
  • Jacquet--Langlands--Shimizu correspondence for theta lifts to GSp(2) and its inner forms II: An explicit formula for Bessel periods and non-vanishing of theta lifts
  • H.Narita 8/26/2018 View PDF
  • μ-type subgroups of J1(N) and application to cyclotomic fields
  • M.Ohta 6/25/2017 View PDF
  • On the Chern--Moser--Weyl tensor of real hypersurfaces
  • M.Reiter; D.N.Son 5/8/2019 View PDF
  • Ohno-type identities for multiple harmonic sums
  • S.Seki; S.Yamamoto 8/8/2018 View PDF
  • Automorphism groups of the holomorphic vertex operator algebras associated with Niemeier lattices and the −1-isometries
  • H.Shimakura 12/5/2018 View PDF
  • Diagram automorphisms and quantum groups
  • T.Shoji; Z.Zhou 10/17/2018 View PDF
  • Self-avoiding walk on the complete graph
  • G.Slade 5/7/2019 View PDF
  • The homotopy groups of the automorphism groups of Cuntz--Toeplitz algebras
  • T.Sogabe 3/20/2019 View PDF
  • Explicit constructions of bordism of Milnor hypersurface H1,n and \mathbb{C} P1×\mathbb{C}Pn-1
  • G.Solomadin 11/9/2018 View PDF
  • Uniqueness of the solution of nonlinear singular first order partial differential equations
  • H.Tahara 5/27/2019 View PDF
  • Higher deformations of Lie algebra representations, I
  • M.Westaway 8/29/2018 View PDF

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