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Articles in Press

Papers below that will be published according to the received dates of their accepted version (day/month/yr), are listed in alphabetical order by first named author. The PDF files below do not reflect the final published format.

  • Wild Cantor actions
  • J.Álvarez López; R.Barral Lijó; O.Lukina; H.Nozawa 10/1/2020 View PDF
  • Auslander's Formula for contravariantly finite subcategories
  • J.Asadollahi; R.Hafezi; M.H.Keshavarz 9/11/2019 View PDF
  • Default functions and Liouville type theorems based on symmetric diffusions
  • A.Atsuji 4/7/2019 View PDF
  • Finite and symmetric Mordell–Tornheim multiple zeta values
  • H.Bachmann; Y.Takeyama; K.Tasaka 2/27/2020 View PDF
  • Paracontrolled calculus and regularity structures I
  • I.Bailleul; M.Hoshino 12/30/2018 View PDF
  • Categorical dimension of birational transformations and filtrations of Cremona groups
  • M.Bernardara 5/14/2019 View PDF
  • Knotted surfaces as vanishing sets of polynomials
  • B.Bode; S.Kamada 4/9/2020 View PDF
  • Regularity estimates for Green operators of Dirichlet and Neumann problems on weighted Hardy spaces
  • T.A.Bui; X.T.Duong 12/19/2019 View PDF
  • Estimates of the renewal measure
  • H.Carlsson 9/11/2019 View PDF
  • On singularities of threefold weighted blowups
  • Y.Chen 12/12/2019 View PDF
  • Large deviation principle for S-unimodal maps with flat critical points
  • Y.M.Chung; H.Takahasi 7/7/2020 View PDF
  • BHK mirror symmetry for K3 surfaces with non-symplectic automorphism
  • P.Comparin; N.Priddis 2/14/2018 View PDF
  • Functional calculus of Laplace transform type on non-doubling parabolic manifolds with ends
  • H.C.Doan 9/19/2019 View PDF
  • Initial traces and solvability of Cauchy problem to a semilinear parabolic system
  • Y.Fujishima; K.Ishige 4/27/2020 View PDF
  • On the positivity of the dimension of the global sections of adjoint bundle for quasi-polarized manifold with numerically trivial canonical bundle
  • Y.Fukuma 4/6/2020 View PDF
  • Residue formula for an obstruction to coupled Kähler–Einstein metrics
  • A.Futaki; Y.Zhang 10/20/2019 View PDF
  • On the energy of quasiconformal mappings and pseudoholomorphic curves in complex projective spaces
  • H.Gaussier; M.Tsukamoto 9/7/2018 View PDF
  • Extremal trigonal fibrations on rational surfaces
  • C.Gong; S.Kitagawa; J.Lu 4/12/2019 View PDF
  • Lauricella's FC with finite irreducible monodromy group
  • Y.Goto 10/11/2019 View PDF
  • Simpliciality of strongly convex problems
  • N.Hamada; S.Ichiki 12/17/2019 View PDF
  • Diophantine approximation in number fields and geometry of products of symmetric spaces
  • T.Hattori 1/23/2018 View PDF
  • Varieties of minimal rational tangents of unbendable rational curves subordinate to contact structures
  • J.-M.Hwang 10/19/2020 View PDF
  • Ill-posedness for the compressible Navier–Stokes equations under the barotropic condition in the limitting Besov spaces
  • T.Iwabuchi; T.Ogawa 10/29/2018 View PDF
  • Moduli space of quasimaps from \mathbb{P}1 with two marked points to \mathbb{P}(1,1,1,3) and j-invariant
  • M.Jinzenji; H.Saito 8/14/2019 View PDF
  • Boundedness of multilinear pseudo-differential operators of S{0,0}-type in L2-based amalgam spaces
  • T.Kato; A.Miyachi; N.Tomita 10/8/2019 View PDF
  • Generalized Bott–Cattaneo–Rossi invariants of high-dimensional long knots
  • D.Leturcq 6/25/2019 View PDF
  • An asymptotic formula for the 2k-th power mean value of |(L/L)(1+ it0, χ)|
  • K.Matsumoto; S.Saad Eddin 3/1/2018 View PDF
  • Stochastic integrals and Brownian motion on abstract nilpotent Lie groups
  • T.Melcher 4/20/2020 View PDF
  • On a density property of reisual order a (mod pq)
  • L.Murata 7/4/2019 View PDF
  • Deformation for coupled Kähler–Einstein metrics
  • S.Nakamura 3/9/2020 View PDF
  • Teichmüller space and the mapping class group of the twice punctured torus
  • T.Nakanishi 6/8/2020 View PDF
  • A mass transportation proof of the sharp one-dimensional Gagliardo–Nirenberg inequalities
  • V.H.Nguyen 3/1/2019 View PDF
  • Energy decay for small solutions to semilinear wave equations with weakly dissipative structure
  • Y.Nishii; H.Sunagawa; H.Terashita 1/30/2020 View PDF
  • Limiting distributions for the maximal displacement of branching Brownian motions
  • Y.Nishimori; Y.Shiozawa 7/12/2020 View PDF
  • A virtual knot whose virtual unknotting number equals one and a sequence of n-writhes
  • Y.Ohyama; M.Sakurai 3/20/2020 View PDF
  • On the Milnor fibration for f(z)\bar g(z) II
  • M.Oka 9/17/2019 View PDF
  • Poincaréinequalities with exact missing terms on homogeneous groups
  • T.Ozawa; D.Suragan 11/13/2019 View PDF
  • Equivariant K-theory of toric orbifolds
  • S.Sarkar; V.Uma 10/20/2019 View PDF
  • Enriques surfaces with normal K3-like coverings
  • S.Schröer 11/13/2019 View PDF
  • Supersolutions for parabolic equations with unbounded or degenerate diffusion coefficients and their applications to some classes of parabolic and hyperbolic equations
  • M.Sobajima; Y.Wakasugi 12/18/2019 View PDF
  • Higher order minimal families of rational curves and Fano manifolds with nef Chern characters
  • T.Suzuki 3/11/2020 View PDF
  • Homogenization of symmetric Dirichlet forms
  • M.Tomisaki; T.Uemura 7/26/2020 View PDF
  • Left orderable surgeries for double twist knots
  • A.T.Tran 1/21/2020 View PDF
  • Singularities of Fano varieties of lines on singular cubic fourfolds
  • R.Yamagishi 5/18/2019 View PDF

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