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Articles in Press

Papers below that will be published according to the received dates of their accepted version (day/month/yr), are listed in alphabetical order by first named author. The PDF files below do not reflect the final published format.

  • Vanishing theorems of L2-cohomology groups on Hessian manifolds
    S.Akagawa 04/06/2017 View PDF
  • Strongly singular bilinear Calderón-Zygmund operators and a class of bilinear pseudodifferential operators
    Á.Bényi; L.Chaffee; V.Naibo 26/11/2017 View PDF
  • Long-time existence of the edge Yamabe flow
    E.Bahuaud; B.Vertman 28/12/2017 View PDF
  • Rough flows
    I.Bailleul; S.Riedel 12/03/2018 View PDF
  • Boundary Harnack principle and elliptic Harnack inequality
    M.Barlow; M.Murugan 13/10/2017 View PDF
  • Spectrum for compact operators on Banach spaces
    L.Barreira; D.Dragičević; C.Valls 12/05/2017 View PDF
  • Finite formal model of toric singularities
    D.Bourqui; J.Sebag 06/02/2018 View PDF
  • The logarithmic derivative for point processes with equivalent Palm measures
    A.I.Bufetov; A.Dymov; H.Osada 17/10/2017 View PDF
  • Good tilting modules and recollements of derived module categories, II
    H.Chen; C.Xi 08/11/2017 View PDF
  • Small covers over wedges of polygons
    S.Choi; H.Park 02/02/2018 View PDF
  • Deeply concatenable subgroups might never be free
    S.M.Corson; S.Shelah 04/05/2018 View PDF
  • The Hyperbolic-type point process
    N.Demni; P.Lazag 11/12/2017 View PDF
  • Gluing construction of compact Spin(7)-manifolds
    M.Doi; N.Yotsutani 12/10/2017 View PDF
  • Numerically trivial automorphisms of Enriques surfaces in characteristic 2
    I.Dolgachev; G.Martin 21/09/2017 View PDF
  • Equivalence of Littlewood-Paley square function and area function characterizations of weighted product Hardy spaces associated to operators
    X.T.Duong; G.Hu; J.Li 16/06/2017 View PDF
  • Residually faithful modules and the Cohen-Macaulay type of idealizations
    S.Goto; S.Kumashiro; N.T.H.Loan 06/08/2018 View PDF
  • Weak subsolutions to complex Monge-Ampère equations
    V.Guedj; C.H.Lu; A.Zériahi 25/01/2018 View PDF
  • Completely positive isometries between matrix algebras
    M.Hamana 17/10/2017 View PDF
  • Relative stability associated to quantised extremal Kähler metrics
    Y.Hashimoto 23/02/2018 View PDF
  • Topological canal foliations
    G.Hector; R.Langevin; P.Walczak 30/05/2017 View PDF
  • Asymptotic behavior of lifetime sums for random simplicial complex processes
    M.Hino; S.Kanazawa 05/02/2018 View PDF
  • Leibniz complexity of Nash functions on differentiations
    G.Ishikawa; T.Yamashita 18/01/2018 View PDF
  • Positive factorizations of symmetric mapping classes
    T.Ito; K.Kawamuro 13/09/2017 View PDF
  • On n-trivialities of classical and virtual knots for some unknotting operations
    N.Ito; M.Sakurai 17/09/2017 View PDF
  • On delta invariants and indices of ideals
    T.Kobayashi 03/12/2017 View PDF
  • Upper bounds for the dimension of tori acting on GKM manifolds
    S.Kuroki 31/10/2017 View PDF
  • Partitioning subsets of generalised scattered orders
    C.Lambie-Hanson; T.Weinert 14/08/2017 View PDF
  • The combinatorics of Lehn's conjecture
    A.Marian; D.Oprea; R.Pandharipande 03/09/2017 View PDF
  • Obtuse constants of Alexandrov spaces
    A.Mitsuishi; T.Yamaguchi 01/10/2017 View PDF
  • Links with trivial Q-polynomial
    Y.Miyazawa 26/05/2017 View PDF
  • On unconditional well-posedness for the periodic modified Korteweg-de Vries equation
    L.Molinet; D.Pilod; S.Vento 20/07/2017 View PDF
  • Isotropic quadrangular algebras
    B.Mühlherr; R.M.Weiss 19/08/2018 View PDF
  • On an upper bound of λ-invariants of Zp-extensions over an imaginary quadratic field
    K.Murakami 02/04/2018 View PDF
  • The maximum of the 1-measurement of a metric measure space
    H.Nakajima 27/12/2017 View PDF
  • Cocycles of nilpotent quotients of free groups
    T.Nosaka 15/09/2018 View PDF
  • Local time penalizations with various clocks for one-dimensional diffusions
    C.Profeta; K.Yano; Y.Yano 13/08/2017 View PDF
  • Compact formulas for discriminants of classical quasi-orthogonal polynomials, with Hausdorff-type equations
    M.Sawa; Y.Uchida 14/02/2018 View PDF
  • Notes on the bicategory of W*-bimodules
    Y.Sawada; S.Yamagami 19/10/2017 View PDF
  • Ample canonical heights for endomorphisms on projective varieties
    T.Shibata 16/12/2017 View PDF
  • On bifurcations of cusps
    Z.Szafraniec 08/11/2017 View PDF
  • Berkes' limit theorem
    S.Takanobu 06/07/2017 View PDF
  • General formal solutions for a unified family of PJ-hierarchies (J=I, II, IV, 34)
    Y.Umeta 28/03/2018 View PDF
  • A new stability notion of closed hypersurfaces in the hyperbolic space
    M.A.L.Velásquez; Lima; J.F.da Silva; A.M.Oliveira 16/10/2017 View PDF
  • Pseudo Kobayashi hyperbolicity of subvarieties of general type on abelian varieties
    K.Yamanoi 17/08/2017 View PDF
  • Optimal problem for mixed p-capacities
    B.Zhu; X.Luo 06/04/2018 View PDF

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