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Vol. 70, No. 4 (October, 2018)

J.Březina; E.Feireisl Measure-valued solutions to the complete Euler system 1227 - 1245
T.Murao The Gordian distance of handlebody-knots and Alexander biquandle colorings 1247 - 1267
T.Nakanishi Rogers dilogarithms of higher degree and generalized cluster algebras 1269 - 1304
C.Eyral; M.Oka Whitney regularity and Thom condition for families of non-isolated mixed singularities 1305 - 1336
T.Adachi Accurate trajectory-harps for Kähler magnetic fields 1337 - 1346
Y.Arike; K.Nagatomo; Y.Sakai Vertex operator algebras, minimal models, and modular linear differential equations of order 4 1347 - 1373
R.Joly; J.Royer Energy decay and diffusion phenomenon for the asymptotically periodic damped wave equation 1375 - 1418
Y.Genzmer; R.Mol Local polar invariants and the Poincaré problem in the dicritical case 1419 - 1451
R.Laterveer A family of cubic fourfolds with finite-dimensional motive 1453 - 1473
N.Hayashi; C.Li; P.I.Naumkin Critical nonlinear Schrödinger equations in higher space dimensions 1475 - 1492
A.Futaki; H.Ono Volume minimization and Conformally Kähler, Einstein-Maxwell geometry 1493 - 1521
W.Arendt; S.Kunkel; M.Kunze Diffusion with nonlocal Robin boundary conditions 1523 - 1556
H.Soga Analysis of elastic symbols with the Cauchy integral and construction of asymptotic solutions 1557 - 1580

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